We’re proud members of the Farmington, NH community

At The Farmer’s Kitchen, we love our NH neighbors. Duane White, regularly donates to local charities such as "Friends of Farmington" & "Powdermill Snowmobile Club. We also support local school systems; Nute High School, Farmington High School, Spaulding High School & Tri-City Christian Academy - just to name a few. We aid in fund raising for sports teams such as... the Farmington 500 Boys & Girl's Club, Roger Allen baseball and softball programs, as well as The Granite State Ballers. We work primarily with the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, participating in and co-sponsoring events like the Rochester Chamber Raffle Bash, Farmington Golf Tournaments, Community Business Expo and Business After Hours.

3 reasons to visit Farmington, NH

Are you from out of town? We think you should stop by and meet us. Here are three fun things to do on your trip through Farmington, NH:

  1. Go hiking at Blue Job Mountain State Forest, a gorgeous natural area with great trails.
  2. Set up a tent on the shores of Baxter Lake.
  3. Stop in for breakfast at The Farmer’s Kitchen. We may be a little biased, but we think it’s the best meal in town!

Whether you’re just driving through Farmington, NH or you’ve lived here your whole life, give The Farmer’s Kitchen a try. Our friendly, attentive staff can’t wait to serve you!